Carly Jade Hammerman | CJH Interiors 

CJH Interiors is a boutique interior design firm based in New York City focused on residential projects from new construction to gut renovation. With 10+ years of industry experience, Carly brings her sense of style, passion for design and intuitive nature to all of her projects. She is committed to working intimately with her clients to deliver an exceptional finished product that reflects the perfect mix of their style and CJH's vision towards innovative design. 

From start to finish, Carly runs point on all of her jobs from initial design concepts to installation day and beyond. She prides herself in her seamless collaborations with contractors , custom craftsman, & developers to execute her clients vision. 

CJH interiors is recognized for its ability to transform a space into a direct reflection of who lives in it.

You can contact me through email | I'd love to hear from you!